Monday, October 10, 2016

Interview with ~Desiree Rager Cook~ Bead Artist

Yesterday, I wrote a very brief article about body jewelry, I love the idea of covering more than just the wrist, the neck, a bit of the ear… in jewelry.

I wanted to lead up to featuring this wonderful jewelry artist, Desiree Rager Cook. Her work is venturing into large body jewelry that is captivating.

Originally from Niagara Falls, NY, Ms. Cook moved to Alabama and attended High School and College there.

Beginning in 2006, Cook had a storefront in Birmingham, Jewel Tones Beads and an Etsy shop.  She has recently moved to Irvine, California.

Cook, who is a self-taught bead worker, began creating beadwork to relieve stress. Her earlier work is not jewelry, but she was taught how to make peyote stitch, and from there, her creativity took off. She learned how to start making jewelry.The results have been marvelous.
The work she has been working on is more on the larger scale,  she says that she likes to make things that are bold.

Ms Cook says she enjoys making Body Jewelry, those pieces that cover not only the neck, but the shoulders, chest, back and shoulders.  The jewelry is not standard but challenges her creatively. 

Other than making bead weaving, she  has also begun making bead embroidery which is elegant and intriguing. Her One of a Kind pieces include figures and she also uses bead weaving to make tapestries out of tiny seed beads, incorporating lace, metal and other objects. 

Pieces of her work have been shown in the Cathedral Square Gallery in Mobile, Alabama as well as having shown at the Hogansville Hummingbird Festival and other fairs in adjacent states. 

Since moving to California, she is starting over again, but it should be a wonderful new adventure!
Recently, she has worked with a professional photographer for a project she is working on with larger jewelry/costume pieces. I can't wait to see what is in store!

To find more of her work, there are several places to look, her website is at Jewel Tones.  Another site is on Instagram @jewel_tones  and on Facebook at Jewel Tones Beads

I asked her if she has any advice for someone just starting out in her area of work, and she replied...
"Keep working! If something doesn't turn out right, learn from it and keep working"

This is wonderful advice for everyday life, isn't it? This is how you work to perfection!

Cardinal by Desiree Rager

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